Lecturer in Robotics
Engineering Mathematics
Merchant Venturers Building – Room 2.39a
University of Bristol

Bristol Robotics Laboratory
President | Robohub

Previously at:
Bhatia Lab | Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research | MIT
Laboratory of Intelligent Systems | EPFL

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I am a swarm engineer interested in designing large collective systems that self-organize. Swarm strategies are either inspired from nature (ant colonies and bird flocks) or are automatically designed in simulation using machine learning and crowdsourcing. Demonstrated applications include designing swarming nanoparticles for cancer treatment and deploying large aerial swarms for communication relay.

In addition to engineering artificial swarm systems, I aim in the future to use automatic swarm design to understand natural self-organized systems such as those found in the brain or the immune system.

Underlying all my work is a strong involvement in science communication and online learning as demonstrated by the award-winning and SNSF-backed non-profit association that I co-founded and which features over 1000 blog posts and 1.5 million podcast downloads. I’ve also produced award winning videos that have been viewed over 250’000 times and am an avid science tweeter.

You can read more about my curriculum, research, publications and science communication activities on this website.